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Qdorks enhances your ability to compose advanced Google search queries with speed and precision, making the process more efficient, effective, and enjoyable!

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Query Composer

Effortlessly construct advanced and complex Google search queries with the Query Composer, a tool that combines intuitive ease-of-use with powerful and advanced search features.

  • Infinite amount of search clauses per query.
  • Boolean search logic (AND, OR, and NOT).
  • Easy to create complex queries.
  • Many advanced search operators and filters.
  • AI assistant for PRO users.
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Query Manager

Manage your queries with the Query Manager, our user-friendly and effective solution for managing and accessing your advanced Google search queries.

  • Organize queries into folders for efficient management.
  • Streamlined overview for quick and easy access to your queries.
  • Effortlessly duplicate queries as needed.
  • Control visibility with public and private options.
  • Easily share your public queries with others.
  • Add descriptive titles and detailed explanations to your queries.
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